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About Banners Broker

An innovative way to advertise on the internet and is achieving great momentum all over the world. Established in November 2010, Banners Broker which is headquartered in Toronto Canada, offer an innovative way to advertise your business on the internet while generating income based on a global advertising inventory. Banners Broker is in the business of selling Banner Impressions, its a great way to generate Traffic for your website, through Banner Ads. The innovation created by Banners Broker enables advertisers to collaborate their advertising endeavors and benefit from the Banners Broker advertising network of publishers, over 200,000 websites where you can target your customers.

Advertising,Publishing, Ad Pub Combo(Combination of Both)

As there are so many small business’s worldwide, These Business needs a Website and a So  businesses and individuals can now access the Banners Broker advertising network and purchase a Banners Broker advertising package that fits their advertising needs. Banners Broker India offer advertisers a selection of several advertising packages that include panels with banner impressions beginning from $25 right up to $3655.00, that you can use to set up marketing campaigns.

In addition, Banners Broker also provide the advertiser with the feature to target in specific countries or cities while picking the industry that suits their business the best.

All you have to do is open up a Banners Broker account.This is a win-win situation for both parties: the advertiser and the publisher and the affiliate.

I have been hearing a lot about “Banners Broker” lately. A lot of my friends are calling and asking me about it. After all, who wouldn't be curious about an opportunity WHERE YOU GET PAID TO ADVERTISE!! Twice Than what you spend on Advertising!!   “I say this is best Loyalty Program Ever”

So, the question is “Banners Brokers” too good to be true? This is what this Banners Broker Review is set to find out.

The owner of this company is Chris Smith,  based in Toronto Canada. The company started on November 2010. They have paid out over a $200 Million by July 2012.

Banners Broker : Ad Pub Combo

When you join the program, you buy what is called an Ad-Pub Combo package, which means that it includes advertising and a publishing sections:

- In the advertising section, you will get Banner Impressions (eyes on your banner ad).

- In the publishing section, We get Ad Inventory Which is represented by different color coded panels, which generate revenue, as Banners Broker gives us Complimentary Traffic, after the two Complimentary Runs, it’s your responsibility to Qualify your Panels and generate Revenue.

There are 2 categories of Monthly Admin Fee Standard ($15) & Premium ($100)

The following are Examples of Packages in Standard Membership.

There are 6 types of packages that you can start with:

Revenue Generated in E-Wallet From Package

The Picture Below shows the Revenue generated by each package in a certain period of time:
After The 2 Complimentary’s are over.

Cost of Individual Panels:

1. The Package cost includes first Month membership fees, Standard ($15) or Premium ($100)

2. Each Package contains the all the panels that are included in the package above. Therefore, for example, the cost of the business package is the sum of the yellow, purple and blue packages: 10+30+90=$130

3. Each Package contains the all the panels that are included in the package above, and therefore the number of impressions in the Business package is the sum of the impressions in the yellow, purple and blue packages: 1000+3000+9000=13000

4. Revenue Generated Twice the cost of the panels in Package.

5. Estimated time , based on historical values.

How To Qualify Panels After Complimentary Cycles

There are 3 ways to qualify your Panels.

Sales Credit — Refering new affiliates, generate Traffic, which help you Qualify Panels in your Account.

Traffic Pack — Buy traffic from BB @ $50, which gives you 100,000 Traffic hits to Qualify your Panels. A Traffic Packbis a set number of targeted Visitors, who will be sent to your publisher site (panels) accordingly.

Organic Traffic — Traffic you have brought to your publisher sites through independent promotional efforts ( eg: Promoting A Link through Facebook, Twitter, or other Social Media Outlets)

Note: Banners Broker is not A MLM or Network Marketing or Investment or HYIP Program. No affiliate gets any Commissions on creating any referrals in Banners Broker. You Simply get Traffic to your Ad Inventory.

This Banners Broker review was written specifically for people who are looking to make real money in the online marketing industry. Sadly, without the proper training, most fail to achieve real success.

Plus, register today and receive 1000 FREE banner impressions. It’s our way of welcoming you to the team.

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